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Domain name space service

Domain name is the name of a computer or computer group on the Internet, which is composed of a series of names separated by dots. It is used to identify the electronic location of the computer during data transmission (sometimes also refers to geographical location, geographical domain name, refers to a local area with administrative autonomy). Domain name is an IP address with "Mask". A domain name is designed to facilitate memory and communication of a group of server addresses (website, email, FTP, etc.). Domain names serve as memorable names for Internet participants, such as computers, networks and services.

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B2B e-commerce platform

B2B (business to business) refers to a kind of Internet market field, which is the marketing relationship between enterprises. It combines the intranet, B2B website and customers closely, and provides better services for customers through the rapid response of the network, so as to promote the business development of enterprises. In recent years, B2B development (direct industry B2B) has a rapid momentum and tends to mature. The momentum is rapid and mature.

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